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JAS Company est. 1998 in Lodz, Poland

We produce the pre-cut discs (liners) for sealing to plastic and glass packaging (bottles, jars, containers)

Liners are available in three types:


   Primary Base Liners



   Induction Seal Liners





   Pressure Sensitive Liners






Product is protected from humidity and oxygen, which extends the shelf life and  aroma. Not approved for use with wet products.

Liners offered by us are widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Sealing and encapsulation package extends the shelf life of products, preserving their freshness and protects the product against counterfeiting.


Inserts available in a wide range of diameters.


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Non induction liners from co-extruded PE. Initial seal, shelf life & reseal

Multilayer liners with aluminium core film for Induction Sealing.

Used to: Leak Prevention, Ensure Consumer Confidence, Tamper Evidence, Shelf-Life  Extension, Safety & Security, Prevents Product Contamination  

Pressure-sensitive inner seal consisting of Polystyrene foam which is covered with high quality pressure sensitive adhesive.  Tight seal to the bottle is provided only by torque pressure. No electronic or heating devices are needed.  Such solution prevents from dripping and content is prevented from humid and oxygen, which extends the expiration date. Not approved for use with wet products

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